Hired and Non-Owned Liability Insurance

Hired and Non-Owned liability insurance is a type of coverage that helps protect businesses from certain financial losses. It may provide protection when an employee is using their own vehicle for business purposes or if they are renting a vehicle on behalf of the company. This coverage can help cover the cost for lawsuits, medical bills, and other expenses related to any damage caused by employees while driving or operating vehicles.


More About Hired and Non-Owned Liability Insurance

It is important for companies, especially those in industries like transportation and delivery services, to have this kind of coverage as it can offer peace of mind knowing that any unexpected events are covered by this type of policy. Hired and Non-Owned Liability Insurance also provides protection against bodily injury and property damage claims resulting from negligence or other wrongful acts of employees while using a hired or non-owned vehicle.

This type of insurance is beneficial for companies that have multiple employees who use their own vehicles for business purposes, as it helps protect them from any financial losses that may be incurred due to an accident or liability claim. Additionally, this coverage can help cover the cost of rental vehicles should they become necessary for business operations.

It is important to remember that Hired and Non-Owned Liability Insurance is not a substitute for standard auto insurance policies; rather, it serves as an additional layer of protection against certain risks associated with having employees drive their personal vehicles during business operations. Companies should always consult with an experienced insurance provider to determine what kind of coverage will best meet their needs. With the proper protection in place, businesses can rest assured that they’re covered should any unfortunate incidents happen while their employees are on the job.

Getting Assistance with Hired and Non-Owned Liability Insurance

If you need to set up a Hired and Non-Owned Liability Insurance plan, our team can walk you through your options as well as assist you in finding a carrier that offers competitive rates. To learn more about how we can help, call us or click on the quote button to get started.

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