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When deciding whether to purchase earthquake insurance, it’s important to understand what is covered and what isn’t. Generally, these policies cover damage caused directly by an earthquake such as structural damage and destruction of personal property due to violent shaking or other seismic activity. Earthquake insurance does not generally cover things like flood damage caused by rain after an earthquake; landslides; losses incurred due to interruption of business operations; or loss from fire resulting from an earthquake, unless that fire is specifically covered.

Earthquake insurance coverage can vary depending on the size of the deductible and policy limits chosen. Deductibles range from as low as 2-5% to as high as 20%. It’s important to note that in some instances you may be responsible for payment up to a certain percentage of your total loss, regardless of your chosen deductible amount. Additionally, earthquake policies have limits for both property damage and liability coverage so it’s important to understand what those are when selecting a policy.

Earthquake insurance is an essential part of any comprehensive plan for financial protection against unexpected disasters. Investing in this type of coverage allows you to rest easy knowing that you’re covered in the event of an earthquake. With the potential for significant losses due to seismic activity, having a reliable policy can provide peace of mind knowing that you’re financially secure.

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Our team can help you understand your earthquake coverage options, and we can also check in with multiple insurance carriers to find the lowest prices available on your coverage plan. Consultations are always free, so call or click on the quote button to learn more.

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