Accident Insurance

What is Accident Insurance?

Accidents that happen in the workplace may or may not be fully covered by employers. Federal law requires employers to provide insurance, but sometimes it’s not enough. In those times, accident insurance might be necessary. It basically serves as a supplement to another type of coverage and becomes active when an accident occurs.

Who Needs Coverage?

Accident insurance is for workers who face daily job hazards. An example would be a construction worker at risk for falls or dangerous encounters with large equipment. This insurance is also an option for people who engage in risky behavior for enjoyment. For example, some outdoor recreational activities have high rates of personal injuries.

When a policyholder is in an accident, a claim has to be filed. The accident insurance supplements coverage that is provided by other insurance policies. So when an accident occurs, the primary insurance will pay its share. If there is a balance, then accident insurance will pay the remainder.


Accident insurance provides compensation for medical treatment following an accident. Coverage includes accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, watercraft, recreational vehicles, bicycles, and more. The insurance will pay if it’s proven the personal injuries were the result of an accident. If a person deliberately hurts themselves to get the money, that is fraud and punishable by law. Payment can also be given for lost income due to the inability to work.


Medical bills can quickly get out of hand. The cost of healthcare is staggering, and most people can’t pay without help. With accident insurance, at least the policyholder is covered in the event of a bad accident. They know they will be able to pay for their healthcare, even when their primary insurance is exhausted. Hospital and emergency room bills are some of the most expensive. Accident insurance can help with that. People who become disabled can also rely on getting benefits to cover for lost employment.

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