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Personal Insurance

Your situation is different from everyone else’s. The experts at Watson Insurance Group are willing to discuss and review your insurance needs with you in order to find the best insurance solutions to fit you and your family’s individual needs.

Homeowners Insurance:

Do you have enough insurance to cover the rebuilding of your home at the current construction costs?  Do you know the difference between reconstruction cost and market value?  Your home is most likely one of the largest purchases you will make.

Let us help you make sure your home and family are protected properly.

Renters Insurance:

You can’t control how others live in your complex what happens if your apartment or rental home burns to the ground and it wasn’t your fault or what if it is broken into, would you be able to afford to replace all of your belongings?  What if you were to accidentally start a fire that burns down several apartment units near you, do you have the hundreds of thousands of dollars on hand to pay for the damages?  Do you know where you are covered if your car is broken into and personal items are stolen?

Contact us to protect your personal property and financial assets with Renters Insurance.

Condominium Insurance:

Do you know the difference between a “Master Policy” provided by the condo/town home board of directors and your own insurance policy? What about your possessions and those of your neighbours in the event of a fire, or other covered loss?

Contact us today to discuss protection of your personal property and structural improvements.

Automobile Insurance:

Living in the Atlanta area, you are very aware that accidents happen. According to the Atlanta Regional Commission, a traffic accident takes place in the Metro Atlanta area every 2.7 minutes. What happens if you are involved in one of these accidents? What would you seek in damages from the person at fault? What if they are underinsured or uninsured? What if you are at fault?

Contact Watson Insurance Group and we will explain all of the coverage options that available, so you have the auto insurance coverage you need when you need it most.

Recreational Vehicles – Motorcycles / RVs / Motorhomes / Trailers / Golf Carts / ATVs:

You work hard to be able to afford a recreational vehicle whether you use them as weekend-warriors or as transportation for your life-style. Whether used strictly on your property or in common areas make sure you are covered in case of any situation.

Allow us to review your Recreational Vehicles to make certain you are covered properly.

Personal Umbrella Liability:

We live in a litigious society.  People can sue for anything… will they win or lose; who knows; but do you know the costs to defend yourself in a lawsuit? Lawsuits come in many forms.  We know you’ve seen lawyers on TV looking to help accident victims sue or maybe you’ve heard something recently in the news about a suit for slander.  You can protect yourself with an extra liability insurance policy, not only will your assets be protected but your legal representation would be covered if the situation of a lawsuit were to occur.
Contact us for more information on a Personal Umbrella policy.

Inland Marine – Scheduled Jewelry / Fine Art / Silverware / Cameras / Guns / etc:

Homeowner policies offer limited protection on certain items. To ensure you have adequate coverage on these items that are important to you, an Inland Marine policy may be right for you. Commonly scheduled items include wedding and engagement rings, fine art, camera equipment, guns and furs. Contact us for more information on specific insurance protection that’s available.

Life Insurance:

What happens to your family if the unthinkable happens and you don’t come home from work today? What would it take to replace your income and support your family? What happens if you lose your spouse tomorrow; who would take care of your children while you are at work? What if you become uninsurable and you no longer have options? Did you know that it’s not just medical reasons that could make you uninsurable, how is your driving record? It is important to talk to a professional about your options; there is more to life insurance than you might think!

You have protected your home, your cars and even your business, why not your income? Contact Watson Insurance Group to discuss your life insurance needs, in order to protect your family if they were to lose their biggest asset- you.

  • Who needs life insurance?
  • How much life insurance do you need?

Different types of Life Insurance:

  • What type is right for you?
  • Individual Life Policy:
    • Temporary – Term (10, 15, 20, 30 year)
    • Permanent – Universal Life and Whole Life
  • Business Owner Life Policy:
    • Temporary – Term (10, 15, 20, 30 year)
    • Permanent – Universal Life and Whole Life
  • Buy-Sell Agreement Funding
  • Key Man Insurance
  • Estate Planning Funding

Click here for more information on Life Insurance

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